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Turning Pages into PROFITS
Convert Your Work From Manuscript to MASTERPIECE With Stunning Visuals

You Create Worlds with Words

You're not just writing words, but you're also crafting entire UNIVERSES! The stories you tell captivate the minds and hearts of readers around the globe. But when it comes to the cutthroat competition of Amazon, KDP, and other publishing houses, your written brilliance needs an equally compelling VISUAL narrative! Enter GrooveDesignerPro—the golden standard for head-turning visuals!

Cold, Hard Facts: The Bookshelf is Overloaded

As an author or publisher, you already know this—Amazon's virtual shelves are stacked to the BRIM! Rising above that digital clutter is tough, but not impossible. With GrooveDesignerPro, take your visuals from 'meh' to 'MUST-READ!'

The GrooveDesignerPro Game-Changers: EYE-CANDY That Sells

Why let your words go unnoticed when they could be paired with visuals that do them justice? GrooveDesignerPro is your Swiss army knife for creating graphics that make readers STOP, CLICK, and BUY!

Elevate Your Cover Game

First Impressions COUNT

People DO judge books by their covers, especially when scrolling through Amazon or KDP. GrooveDesignerPro helps you craft covers that aren't just gorgeous, but scream “Click ME, Read ME, Buy ME!”

Speed Up Your Process

Never Miss a Publishing Deadline

In a world where your next bestseller is itching to get out, why let design delays bog you down? GrooveDesignerPro speeds up your workflow so you can upload that next blockbuster ON TIME!

KDP Formatting Fiascos

A Thing of the Past

Navigating KDP's formatting requirements can be a massive headache. But GrooveDesignerPro offers KDP-optimized templates, transforming this maze into a straight road to PUBLICATION!

Social Media Buzz

From Pages to POSTS

Got a new release or a special promo? Make it VIRAL! Use GrooveDesignerPro to whip up social media graphics that resonate with your genre and audience. Spread the word like WILDFIRE!

A/B Testing for Book Covers

The Readers Decide

Wondering which cover will drive more sales? Use GrooveDesignerPro to create variations effortlessly, A/B test them, and let your potential READERS choose the winner!

Stay Ahead

Tap into Evergreen and Trending Designs

Literary trends change like the tides! With GrooveDesignerPro, get access to a library that’s always updated. Your books will never be visually outdated; they’ll be TIMELESS classics.

Let’s ink this deal, Authors and Publishers. Elevate your Amazon, KDP, and publishing game to the NEXT LEVEL using visuals from GrooveDesignerPro!
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Richard Fairbairn

I have 3 designers on my team and since using GrooveDesignerPro, I have cut time and cost in HALF!! If you're thinking about GrooveDesignerPro, don't think - GET IT.

Angie Norris

From the time I started using GrooveDesignerPro it has been a true GAME-CHANGER! It's now my secret weapon.

Tim Verdouw

Everything that you need is in GrooveDesignerPro and it is so freaking awesome!

John Hooks

GrooveDesignerPro is the best piece of software in my arsenal. I used to spend tons of money on Fiverr for book covers, box shots, and bundles.

Terry Loving

GrooveDesignerPro is a super intuitive digital design tool perfect for internet marketers, and website designers… It makes designing pages fun and easy

John Thomas

GrooveDesignerPro is easy to use and offers great support. I frequently use it to create various displays for my website and stores.

Volker Himmel

GrooveDesignerPro is like a secret weapon. It's an extremely fantastic resource and really helps me multiply my income in my online business

Kossi Todze

GrooveDesignerPro is easy to use, easy to learn but the result is amazing. I advise you today to grab your copy. GrooveDesignerPro is the best!

Colin Brown

I've been using Photoshop for about 20 years, and GrooveDesignerPro is my new go-to graphics program. it is the best package or software.


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